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Ornamental Odyssey

From the ground we walk,

To the artefacts we make.

An Ode to Ornamental Odyssey is a soulful experience.

Honouring nature's treasured florals, 

And human kind's craftmanship.

45x45 1.jpg
40x40 3.jpg
45x45 6 copy.jpg
45x45 4 copy.jpg
40x40 1.jpg
30x30 5 copy.jpg
30x30 3copy.jpg
40x40 2.jpg
40x40 4.jpg

This collection is a journey in celebration of decorative textiles. From delicate, flowing florals, to architectural forms. Capturing classical elements of textile design with a modern take, whilst exploring cultural influences from heritages such as India. The project entails the combination of traditional textile methods such as block printing, in addition to a modern take through digital methods. This collection is heavily tactile and rich in colour, perfect for a dreamy, luxurious interior setting.  

The Enlightenment

Live Brief - Rolls Royce

The Enlightenment and The Spirit of Ecstasy.


In collaboration with Rolls Royce X Swansea College of Art, The Enlightenment is a car interior collection with the soul purpose of creating a meditative experience through a luxurious setting. The calming lotus blooms with their spiralling stems, help with the discovery of finding inner peace, whilst in a comforting space.

A  M a g p i e ' s  T r i n k e t s

Jewellery, Buttons, Scissors, you name it.

The many attractions of a magpie.

And the key ingredients to a designers repeat pattern.

block collection 3.jpg
proper flower 11.jpg
adobe 7.jpg

This is a collection in dedication to my fascination of the most secretive bird ever known to Earth, the magpie. I find their behaviour incredibly interesting, particularly their obsession with shiny things.

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